Environmental standards

MónNatura Pirineus is dedicated to providing you with a stay that minimally impacts the environment. That’s why we would like to inform you of how we achieve this and how you can join us in these efforts.

Environmental standards implemented by MónNatura Pirineus

Selective waste collection

The centre places a strong emphasis on selectively collecting waste and re-purposing it to minimise the environmental impact of these materials. This involves separating paper and cardboard, glass, lightweight containers (cans, plastics, cartons), food waste, kitchen oil, fluorescent lights, metals, paints, batteries and various types of office waste.

Please be sure to correctly separate waste materials and deposit them into the designated containers provided at the centre.

Water conservation

Water is an invaluable natural resource, and it’s a finite commodity, which is why responsible use is crucial. The centre has adopted water-saving systems, including automated taps with timed shut-offs as well as cisterns that interrupt flushing and offer dual flush options. Furthermore, the facility is well-maintained.

Room toilets are equipped with dual flush buttons: one for a full flush and the other for a partial flush.

Please use water wisely and only when necessary.

Energy efficiency

Given the limited availability of natural resources, the environmental consequences of energy production and the growing energy consumption, it’s essential to incorporate energy-saving and efficient practices into our facilities. The centre uses renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal collectors and a biomass boiler. It also features energetically efficient installations, including radiant floor heating and energy-efficient devices. Additionally, the centre maximises natural light, with a south-facing façade and skylights.

Please remember to turn off lights in rooms and other spaces when they’re not in use.

Avoid opening windows when the heating is on.

Close window shutters at night in both rooms and other areas.

Don’t forget to close doors when moving between areas.

Landscape integration

The centre’s architecture harmoniously blends into its surroundings, ensuring minimal environmental impact on the landscape.


The centre pays respect to its surroundings and is diligent in maintaining strict control over noise levels.

Please refrain from using music devices outside the centre.

Keep your voice at a reasonable volume.