The MónNatura Pirineus offers schools nature residential visits, a first class educational opportunity to help students identify, respect, and love the different elements that make up the landscape of the Pallars and the Pyrenees.

Residential visits to get to know and love nature in an unrivalled setting, right next to a national natural park, with high quality facilities: laboratory, astronomical observatory, classrooms... And the unique opportunity to discover the wildlife of the Pyrenees firsthand at the Wildlife Centre.

The general programme lasts three days, from Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday. Three fixed activities are included, along with three optional ones.

The nature residential visits are designed for students of upper primary education, secondary education, Baccalaureate, and vocational courses.

The MónNatura Pirineus offers a wide range of supplementary activities depending on educational level which can be seen in the following table:

     P (Primary – upper level)
     S1 (ESO – first level secondary)
     S2 (ESO – second level secondary)
     B (Baccalaureate level education).

At MónNatura Pirineus we are working to serve school groups with the utmost peace of mind. You can request availability of dates, as well as the protocol of preventive measures, via email In addition, we give you maximum flexibility in your booking. If for any reason you decide to change the date of the visit, we will reschedule or cancel.