The spaces of MónNatura Pirineus



For a glimpse into the cosmos, MónNatura Pirineus proudly presents its astronomical observatory. The views it provides are exceptionally unique thanks to the absence of light and atmospheric pollution.

The use of the astronomical observatory serves an educational purpose for all those involved in activities related to this facility. It is also open to university students, educational institutions and professional astronomical associations for academic sessions and observations.

This observatory is part of the international network accredited by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), an organisation of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Its recognised code is C29.

The Astronomical Observatory includes:

  • A professional-grade MEADE LX200 GPS (16”) observation telescope, enabling detailed examination of various deep-sky phenomena.
  • A CCD camera for capturing astrophotographs of the night or daytime sky.
  • A solar observation telescope, providing an opportunity to admire the chromosphere.
  • 4 easily portable MEADE LX200 GPS telescopes (10”) suitable for celestial deep-sky observations by users of all kinds.
  • 5 Miyauchi astronomer’s binoculars for night-time observations and William Optics auto-focusing binoculars.