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52 students on thw CatalunyaCaixa's “JOVES I CIÈNCIA” (Youth and Scinece) Programme take part in scientific research at the CX MónNatura Pirineus

The Obra Social de CatalunyaCaixa has selected 52 final-year secondary school pupils to participate in their "Youth and Science” programme. The programme gives these boys and girls the opportunity to participate in fully-funded research activities and follows them during the two years of Baccalaureate until they go to university. The “Youth and Science” programme is part of the Obra Social de CatalunyaCaixa‘s Knowledge Project, designed to develop young people’s scientific vocation. 163 students have already participated in three previous projects.

The 52 students selected this year, of whom 23 are girls and 29 are boys, come from 27 state schools, 2 private schools, and 23 grant-maintained schools, covering 19 different counties in Catalonia. 38 students are from counties in the province of Barcelona: 16 from the Barcelonès (13 from Barcelona city); 8 from the Baix Llobregat; 6 from the Vallès Occidental; 2 from the Vallès Oriental; 2 from the Bages; 1 from the Berguedà; 1 from the Maresme; 1 from the Anoia; and 1 from Osona. From the Girona region there are 6: 3 from the Gironès, 1 from La Garrotxa; and 2 from the Pla de l’Estany. Four come from Lleida: 1 from the Segarra; 1 from the Segrià 1; 1 from the Solsonès; and 1 from the Urgell. Tarragona has 4 representatives: 1 from the Tarragonès (from Tarragona city); 2 from the Baix Camp; and 1 from the Baix Ebre. All the students will join the first part of the programme at the end of June.

“Youth and Science” lasts three years and is divided into three parts. In the first year, known as E2C3-CX Nature Centre, the 52 secondary school pupils who have been selected take part in an activity related to scientific research at the CX MónNatura Pirineus. During this stage, they work on one of five projects led by scientists involved in leading-edge research. The E2C3-CX Nature Centre takes place between 27 June and 9 July.

The number of students selected for each of the five projects is: The Sounds of Nature – The Nature of Sounds, 10 participants; Solar Energy, 10 participants; Genetics and Molecular Biology, 12 participants; Introduction to Astronomy, Astrophysics, and the Design of Space Missions, 10 participants; and finally, Light: Fascinating Science for Today and Tomorrow, 10 participants.

The second year is called the E2C3-CX Research Centre, during which students who have completed the first year of Baccalaureate may continue to gain research experience, after having written a scientific article. This experience will take place in one of the Research Centres affiliated to the Obra Social de CatalunyaCaixa, or in an international science programme.

The third year, E2C3-CX Search, is the last phase in the programme, when students find their own project to develop, either at a local research centre or on an international science programme should they be accepted.