The Wildlife Center is an installation that allows us to know the species that make up the wild fauna of the Pyrenees and conduct environmental education activities.

The animals that are there are for different reasons:

1. They are part of breeding projects for reintroduction (such as the bearded vulture and the boreal lynx)

2. In the process of acclimatization prior to its reintroduction (work in collaboration with the CF of Vallcalent)

3. They are irretrievable (can not be released) that are fed until they die



• Dissemination and knowledge
Teaching visitors about wildlife through environmentally educational activities for all.

• Reserch
Collaboration with universities in the creation of research projects, enabling prospective students to gain deeper knowledge of our wildlife.

• Reintroduction
Based on agreements with the administrative body, there are plans to assess the viability of reintroducing formerly indigenous species.