The MónNatura Pirineus recommends bringing the following equipment in order to enjoy the activities fully and in comfort. Please note however that this list is intended as a guide only. Puchase of this equipment is at the discretion of the individual.

• Day pack (30 litres)
Must be comfortable and adjustable to your back, with a volume of approximately 30 litres. To get an idea of size, bear in mind that it will need to hold a a 20cm in diameter lunch box plus warm clothes for the day. For outdoor activities with children younger under 2 years of age, we recommend using rucksacks specially designed for carrying toddlers.

• Walking shoes
Footwear should be comfortable but practical. High-leg hiking boots (which support the ankle) are recommended to avoid twisted ankles. Avoid wearing new boots on the day of the walk, as you may suffer friction injuries. Do not wear thin-soled or fabric trainers.

• Warm clothing
Please bear in mind that the Centre has an altitude of 1540 metres and the weather can be variable, so you may want to bring a thick jumper or thin fleece in summer, and heavier, warmer clothing in winter.

• Waterproofs
As well as providing protection from rain and snow, waterproofs are a good wind insulator.

• Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat
Sunglasses offer protection from ultraviolet radiation. Here, high in the mountains, protection from UV emissions is greatly reduced. The recommended sunscreen is SPF 20, or above in cases of very sensitive skins. A cap or hat is also advisable during the hottest months of the year to protect the head from direct sunlight and prevent possible sunstroke.

• Water bottle
Hydration is essential during a walk to keep the body in tip-top condition, so do not forget this very basic item.

• Torch or head torch
This is useful for evening activities when we move away from the Centre. Nevertheless, it is not essential. We also recommend bringing a camera and/or binoculars.