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Josep Maria Bosch observes and discovers a new asteroid

The july 24 day, we received confirmation from the Minor Planet Center, the appointment of the second asteroid to C29, name of the Center's Astronomical Observatory. The temporary name is 2011 OF and are the first observers and discoverers, Josep Maria Bosch in particular who is a friend and collaborator of the Center on issues related to Astronomy. Is being followed from several observatories amateurs to better define the orbit these early days. This is the second asteroid observed. First, the asteroid 2011 NR was recognized on July 6, discovered from the 40 cm telescope by Enrique Herrero (Institute of Space Sciences, CSIC -IEEC), Josep M. Bosch (Montsec Observatory), Mercè Romero (Department of Astronomy and Meteorology, University of Barcelona) and Josep M. Mondelo (Department of Mathematics, UAB) in the framework of the E2C3, the summer holiday program of Joves i Ciència. The asteroid 2011 NR was found in a series of images taken on the 4th of July for the youth of astronomy project (Quim Llorens, Marta Puig, Claudia Soler, Guillermo Cano, April Oriol, Marta Gil, Mari Paz Serrat Marta Miret Philip and Sergio Marco Castilla) and confirmed by the discoverers themselves the following night. This asteroid probably belongs to the Flora family of asteroids that orbit the Sun in the inner asteroid belt. It must be said that the observation of comet 45P on 20 July from CX MónNatura Pirineus computer was used to determine the William Herschel Space Telescope to go ahead with the schedule of observation of this comet in August.