The MónNatura Pirineus astronomical observatory lets visitors take a closer look at the cosmos. The lack of light and atmospheric pollution means that the observations offered are incomparably spectacular.

The astronomical observatory is educational for all those who use it, but it is especially valuable for university students, schools, and professional astronomical organizations who are able to use it for academic sessions and observations.

This observatory is included and recognized within the international network supported by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), an organ of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). It is recognized by the code C29.    


The Astronomical Observatory consists of: 

  • A MEADE LX200 GPS professional observation telescope (16 "), which allows different elements of deep space to be observed in detail.
  • A CCD camera for astrophotography of the day or night sky.
  • A telescope for conducting solar observations, allowing us to admire the chromosphere.
  • 4 MEADE LX200 GPS telescopes (10 ") for ease of transportation and dedicated to allowing all kinds of users to observe deep space.
  • 5 Miyauchi astronomy binoculars for night observations, William Optics self-focusing binoculars.