MónNatura Pirineus offers residential visits with the least impact on the environment. We inform you how we do it and how you can work with us.

Environmental criteria MónNatura Pirineus

Selective recycling

The centre promotes separate waste to reduce the environmental impact they cause on the environment. Separates paper and cardboard, glass, packaging (cans, plastics, bricks), the remains of food, cooking oil, fluorescent tubes, metals, paints, batteries and various office waste.

Separate the different fractions of waste and place it in the appropriate container.

Saving water

Water is a vital and scarce natural resource, so we have to make a rational use. The center has water saving systems (locking temporalized, cisterns with interruption flush discharge and dual flush discharge) and does good installation maintenance.

Rooms WC have a double push-button: cistern complete or partial emptying.

Take a water rational use and only use what you need.

Energy efficiency

The limited natural resources, the impact generated by energy production and increasing consumption, are compelling arguments for introducing criteria of savings and energy efficiency in our installations. The center uses renewable energy (solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal sensors, biomass boiler), has installation energy efficient (radiant heating, efficient use of the equipment) and take advantage of natural light (south facing, skylights).

Turn off lights in rooms when not in use.

Do not open the window with the heating on.

Close all the windows shutters when it gets dark.

Close the doors of the corridors as you move from one area to another.


The center has an integrated architecture in the landscape without environmental impact.



The center is environmentally friendly and takes great care to maintain precise control noise levels.

Do not use music equipment outside the center.

Do not shout.

Client information

The center informs staff and clients about its environmental management and promotes their active participation.